Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Into A Work Routine

So, here's my breakdown:

  • Get up, shower, dress

  • Get kids dressed

  • Put clothes from the washer, into the dryer

  • Start a load of diapers if necessary, or take them out of dryer if necessary

  • Clean up downstairs

  •  Go upstairs and have breakfast

  • Put away the dishes and load breakfast dishes into dishwasher

  • Start school with Piper

  • Check my e-mail while Piper's doing an assignment

  • Play with kids for a little bit

  • Change Ciaran

  • Make lunch, feed kids

  • Put Ciaran down for a nap.

  • Finish getting ready for work

  • Put Bridget to bed for nap

  • Go to work

  • Come home

  • Get pajama's on, wash face, brush teeth

  • Take dirty laundry to laundry room, start a load of laundry putting diaper load in dryer if necessary

  • Get clean laundry out of dryer, fold, put away

  • Make sure playroom is clean

  • Make sure Kitchen is clean, start dishes

  • Lock up

  • Check e-mail and computer stuff

  • Go to bed

It's a long day.  And I hate being away for so much of it.  At the same time, I feel really productive, both at work and at home.  We're still getting school done well, I'm helping my family, and after tomorrow I'll have 8 days off in a row.  That's time in which I can plan field trips and other events for us as a family.  As exhausting as the work is, I think it's going well for our family.

And I seem to always have a kid in my bed at night.  Bridget was already in my bed asleep when I got home tonight.

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