Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Have A Problem

I am starting to despair of ever being able to teach Bridget that she may not have food without permission.  I think when we were apartment dwellers she just couldn't reach much of the food we had, and so, never did.  But in our house, there is a big pantry that she can walk into, and a refrigerator she can open.  I have found bologna  and bananas in her bed, scissors under her pillow with the trash from a fruit roll up, and other items here and there.  That's not counting the times I've just found her in the pantry munching away.  Today while I was making lunch I stopped to take a phone call, so she grabbed a piece of bread and went and hid in her closet.

Now, I want to give my child enough food to feel full, and I try to provide her filling and nutritious meals that will leave her satisfied.  Yet, she still sneaks.  I'm starting to get frustrated not just because of the mess this sometimes makes, or the ant problem we've had, but because I'm starting to fear that she'll develop some kind of complex about food.  

Right now, when I find her, there is a time out and she's reprimanded.  And I try to put particularly tempting items on very high shelves.  But I need to do something else.  Now is when I need some mommy creativity.  I think it would be easier if I knew why she takes food, but I seriously have no idea.  Three meals a day and two snacks and she's still hungry?   I feel like Pooh Bear, think, think, think.  

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