Saturday, September 15, 2007

Piper Teeth, Water, and Lessons

Piper lost her first tooth today, so I have to post a picture and show off her gap.  She was so excited to put it under her pillow to show the tooth fairy.  Unfortunately, she was also really excited to show her siblings and managed to lose it somewhere in the playroom carpet.  At least she didn't eat it like her older brother did when he lost his first tooth.  I started writing this blog when she was only a year old.  I can't believe she's a big Kindergarten student now and losing teeth already.

Our school lessons go by so fast, but maybe that's a good thing because she still thinks it's fun and is excited to do them.  Right now we're doing letter practice and learning to write them, number recognition and learning to write them, Reading lessons, Religion, and Science.  For Science we're still talking a lot about solids.  We start out by remembering that there are three forms of matter and what they are.  Today we talked about characteristics of solids.  I've decided that legos are one of my favorite educational tools.  In discussing how we can characterize solids, we took legos and compared colors shapes and sizes.  Then we sorted legos looking for different characteristics to classify.  I think that actually incorporates Math as well as Science.

For fun, I think we might do the bouncing egg experiment that Becky of Home Sweet Homeschool discusses in this post on her blog.  It looked like so much fun in the video and the kids got a big kick out of it.

At dinnertime I was cleaning out the sink and the hand-held spout popped off, spraying water all over me and a good deal of the kitchen.  Thank goodness the darned thing screws back on.  Dominic fixed it while I changed my clothes.  What a wake-up call, huh?   I think I'm going to relax for the rest of the evening and enjoy some time with my husband.

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