Sunday, September 09, 2007


  My sleep schedule for the last week or so has been very poor.  I have trouble falling asleep and then am awakened at some point during the night by a child.  Which child awakens me varies from night to night, but it's usually Bridget.

The sleep issue has led to a decrease in my daily productivity.  So, while we didn't do school this morning, I'm actually proud that I've done a couple loads of laundry, done the dishes and managed to shower.  Especially since I'm off to work in a bit, I'm sure that they'll be grateful that I'm clean.

So, we start another week, and another chance to figure out how to make it all run smoothly.  It's sometimes difficult to wear so many hats and make it all work.  If I've ever made it seem easy, I'm sorry.  It's a struggle.  But I think I've covered all the important bases today, so wish me luck!

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