Monday, September 17, 2007

School With 2

I'm absolutely loving the afternoon time when Reagan comes home from school and he, Piper, and I sit around the table and learn together.  Today I was working on one side with Reagan and his spelling words for the week, and on the other side helping Piper write the letter G.

For Science, Piper and I are still in solids.  Yesterday we discussed characteristics that you can see, but today we talked about characteristics that you can feel.  Then we felt a number of textures and described them.  Sharp, sticky, soft, etc. were all descriptive words she used to described the things we touched.  Essentially she's learning about classification, and she's having a blast.

Ciaran still has a cold, and I think most of us are coming down with it as well.  But at least he's sleeping in his own bed tonight, so that's nice.  Bridget is still having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.  Dominic saw her in the window when he went to leave at 10:30 and I'd bet money that she'll be in bed with me by 4 AM.

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