Monday, September 03, 2007

Science Is Not My Forte

I'm really a Liberal Arts kind of girl.  I love Music, History and Literature.  I can talk to you for quite some time about my favorite Jane Austen novel or Religion in England and the break from Rome.  That's me.  So teaching Science has always been a challenge.  There are wonderful Science textbooks out there, and we've been blessed to see a few.  But I need something that tells me both what to teach and how.  Last year we picked up The Everyday Science Sourcebook and never even opened it.  What a shame!

It breaks down what they should be learning at each educational stage of development.  For example Piper should be working on observing, communicating, comparing, and organizing.  At around 3rd grade she can begin experimenting.  By 6th grade she can begin inferring.

So the first chapter is on Solids.  The general idea that I'm teaching is that "Solid is one of three states of matter" and the contributing idea relates to solids melting and liquids freezing.  Today to further this idea we watched an ice cube melt into water and a pat of butter melt in a pan.  Tomorrow we can put water in an ice cube tray and see how long it takes to turn into ice.

With just a few simple ideas, I'm teaching Science.  Because the Sourcebook isn't just telling me what to teach, but how to teach it.  And there's nothing like hearing Piper running down to the playroom yelling, "Hey guys the butter got smaller.  It melted!" and hearing her tell her daddy that ice is a solid.  I'm proud of her, and I'm proud of me, too.

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