Friday, October 12, 2007

My Four Year Blogiversary

Well, it's taken me a number of weeks, but I've finally managed to transfer four years of blog posts, one by one, to Wordpress.  Four years ago I began homeschooling my son.  Piper was only a year old, and I was pregnant with Bridget.  Now, four years later, Piper is in Kindergarten, Bridget is three, Sarah has been in heaven for two years, Ciaran is almost two, and another baby is coming.

Transferring all these posts has been a long walk down memory lane for me.  I've watched my children grow up, take first steps, begin speaking, fight, play, and learn in these posts.  I've lost a daughter, and gone through two other pregnancies and births, not including the baby that I carry now.

This blog has been my witness to so many times, and been my voice for so many issues.  I'm grateful for both the opportunity to share it, and people to share it with.

I finished this project just in time.  Yesterday was my four year Blogiversary.

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