Monday, October 01, 2007

Toddler Development

It seems odd to talk about Ciaran as a toddler since he still seems like a baby to me, but a toddler he is, and changing daily. His latest interest is in a box of sorting shapes I bought him almost a year ago. He understands that each shape fits through a hole and is to be deposited in the box. But my son isn't just a simple shape sorter. He's a problem solver. If at first you can't get the shape in, just take of the top and drop it inside. He's got the idea, but he might be missing some of the finer points.

Now, on top of that, he's begun seeing what other shapes he can fit inside the box. Blocks, train tracks, lincoln logs, if it's small enough to fit through one of the shape holes, it's fair game. It's always interesting to see what will end up inside the box.

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