Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby Quinn Is Here

Quinn Eomer Basso is here!

4lb. 12oz. or so I'm told. It took hours to get labor going and around 8:45 am I was only to 3cm and feeling defeated. I looked at Dominic between overwhelmingly painful pitocin induced contractions and asked what he thought of an epidural.

He gently asked me to give it 20 more minutes.

I did.

 In that time I went from 3-5 cm. He asked for 20 more minutes to let my body work. I have to give the man credit. He never snapped at me, never told me I was complaining too much. He just gently talked me through, encouraging me through each contraction. At 9:20 he looked at the monitor and noted that "those two contractions were right on top of each other!"

In my head I said, "that's no dilation contraction, that's a pushing contraction!" I had only a minute before the next one hit and I couldn't have kept from pushing if I'd wanted to. I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that the baby was going to come out that I literally forgot that there was a nurse call button and began yelling for her instead.

She came immediately with the nearest doctor who took seconds to check me and spring into action. I was pushing on my side with my legs out straight and my toes pointed. They barely had time to get things together and never did get time to set up the mirror for me.

I couldn't stop pushing, not if I wanted to. The doctor sat down and he came right out into her hands. She put him on my chest and I was able to look at him for a few seconds before they took him to the warmer.

I went from 3 cm to delivery in 45 minutes.

I got to hold Quinn for just a minute and check all of his fingers and toes before they whisked him off to the Special Care nursery. Daddy went with him.

Right now all I know is what Dominic's told me. He's laboring with his breathing and they have a dome over his head. They're putting in an IV line for access if necessary. They're planning on putting down a nasogastric tube for gavage feedings.

I'm very nervous, but he's perfect and beautiful and I'm so glad he's here!

Edited to add: I still don't have a length, but the nursery says that he's actually 4 lbs. 13 oz. , which may not seem like a lot, but every ounce counts with such a tiny peanut!

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