Saturday, November 03, 2007


We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Dominic wasn't feeling well, so we decided against Trick or Treating in the neighborhood and passing out candy. Instead we opted to go Trick or Treating with our good friends who live nearby. Reagan went as the Grim Reaper (the costume he's wanted for two years), Piper went as Hello Kitty, Bridget was a Cheerleader, and Ciaran was a spider in a web.

Ciaran's costume actually went over a pair of Halloween pajamas that I bought on clearance for dirt cheap, and the costume itself was a hand-me-down that I forgot we'd been given. In fact, I didn't buy any new costumes this Halloween. Piper's was bought and not worn another year, Bridget's was a hand-me-down, and Reagan bought his own with money his Nana sent him.

I still love Halloween. The kids are so excited, and they have so much fun talking to people and walking around. My sciatica was driving me crazy by the time we were done, but it was worth it just to see how happy they were. And it was even more fun for them since they got to go with their friend, Spud, the little super hero rock star in the picture above.

Each child pretty much filled their little bucket with candy. And, considering that we have two bags of candy that didn't get handed out on Halloween since we went out, and since I dole out the candy a little bit at a time, we'll have candy for a while!

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