Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quinn Update For Thursday:

  I got up this morning around 4 am, pumped and did a few things before heading over to the Special Care Nursery (SCN) to visit Quinn. I wanted to go early and hear how he did overnight. He did really well. He stayed calm, kept up a good oxygen saturation, and rested.

This morning they took him off the vent and he did fantastic. They then put him on a CPAP machine to make sure that he'd keep breathing deeply and regularly. After a while on that I got to hold him. Once I had him in my arms I fell asleep. It was like he was finally where he belonged, and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

He's getting TPN which is a form of nutrition through his IV. He's got a tube into his tummy through his mouth that they're using to give him my pumped colostrum. He's tolerating his feedings really well.

This evening I got to hold him without his CPAP for about half an hour. Tomorrow they'll see how he does without it. He seems to be doing well and meeting all his goals.

I'm probably going home tomorrow, and without Quinn. But he's doing well, and (God willing) won't be too far behind me.

Todays Pictures (click thumbnail for full sized photo):

Mommy holds Quinn:

Quinn on his CPAP:

Quinn opens his eyes after getting his CPAP off:

Asleep in Mommy's arms:

Quinn has huge feet:

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