Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quinn Update

Quinn is oxygenating well, but his breathing has been labored. They put him on a vent in order to put surfactant on his lungs. He's not on oxygen though, he's saturating well on room air.

He has an IV line in his umbilicus, and they're taking blood gasses from it. He's been doing well with his gasses and breathing around his vent, so they're thinking he won't need to be on it for long.

I've started pumping breastmilk which they'll start feeding to him probably tomorrow after he comes off of the vent. So far I'm producing a good amount of colostrum!

They gave him morphine before intubating, and they warned me that he would not be very responsive. But I guess my little guy missed my voice because he started moving and opening his eyes once he heard me.

I saw him without his hat on and it looks like his hair is wavy like Reagan's was at birth, and Reagan ended up with beautiful curls as a little boy.

Quinn's color is good, and his nurses, nurse practitioner, and MD seem very optimistic. It's still hard to see your baby on all of that equipment though. I'd go back and forth between smiling at him and tearing up. It's hard to be back in my room and hearing the babies cry. I want my baby.

As soon as he's off the vent I can start Kangaroo care, and everyone's impressed that I've come equipped with a sling. I would have brought these slings for skin to skin contact even if he weren't premature. I'm a babywearing mama after all.

He's still sick, but they are very encouraging. And I can't help but be soothed somewhat by the knowledge that this is a baby who has problems that are treatable. I will get to hold him, and, God willing, I will take him home soon..

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