Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rushing To Mischief

In recent weeks I have made a number of comments on the True Womanhood blog about issues of Patriocentrism.  Normally this would be a post for my faith blog, but since Our Homeschool is my main blog, this is the one that has been seen most by people linking to me from those discussions.

It seems someone has started a blog called Patriospeak, which also deals with issues of Patriocentrism, but from a more supportive perspective.   For those who are unaware, Patriocentrism (in my opinion) is a movement within Christian circles to order the family around the father.  The movement tends to include very strong ideas about women working outside of the home, girls skipping higher education and remaining at home until marriage, and other things on which I disagree.

Disagreement within the body of Christ, as well as healthy discussion, I believe help keep us on the right track.  Truth is Truth and will only shine more brightly when compared to darkness.  In other words, we shouldn't be afraid to disagree and discuss, because it will better help us to know and understand the truth when we see it.

The discussions on True Womanhood have received some scathing remarks, mostly about how the discussions themselves are a form of gossip and slander.  In truth, with nearly 2000 comments over 3 posts, I'm certain that at least a few have been less than gracious in nature.  That said, overwhelmingly what is being dealt with is the Patriocentric movement and it's ideas.  Ideas shared that were shared publicly in blogs and books being discussed and debated publicly.  I find no shame in that.  I find no need to apply Matthew 18 or to approach the women on the Patriocentric side of the equation because I don't believe them to be in sin.  I believe them to be in error, but often I am as well, and I hardly see that as sinful.

So, I was surprised today when shown the Patriospeak blog.  On it, this blog is listed under the heading "Rushing To Mishief".  The blog does not speak as to what mischief I am causing, nor have I been approached about any sin I am thought to be in.  I can only assume the only reason I'm there at all (considering my posts about Patriocentric issues have been on my faith blog) is that my comments on True Womanhood link to this blog and not the other.

If anyone at Patriospeak is interested in engaging me in a dialog about my mischief or sin, my contact information is in my sidebar.  In the meantime I'll be grateful for the company I keep there, the company of intelligent and thoughtful woman striving to follow God in all they do.

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