Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finding The Time

So much is happening in our daily life, and I've neglected this blog terribly.  Which is unfortunate, since this blog helps me remember events I'd otherwise forget.  But we're working on buying our house and I've gone back to work, so time has suddenly become a very precious commodity.

Thankfully, I've been offered a better position at work.  It's fewer hours, but it's 12 noon to 8:30 pm.  I'll be home to put my kids to bed every night that I work.  And I'll only be working four days a pay period instead of seven.  That's going to be much less stress for me.

Things have been going well at home.  Quinn is starting to smile and coo and is preciousness personified.  Ciaran remains our easy-to-make-laugh boy and I'm still making an effort to spend one on one time with him each day.  He's a bit speech delayed, so I try to play games that involve him making new sounds.  And I've started him on an omega supplement which can be beneficial to speech development.

Bridget is showing reading readiness signs, and I'm wondering if we shouldn't try reading lessons and see how she does.

Piper improves her reading daily by leaps and bounds.  She's such a determined learner.  I never thought we'd be much of an unschooling family because I like structure.  But she really seems to be motivated to learn and I find that I can often leave her to her own devices and she surprises me.

Reagan is doing well academically and socially, though we're still looking at some services for him at school to learn some skills to help him cope with daily stresses.

As for me, I try to keep chaos to a minimum and enjoy my family as much as possible.

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