Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life As We Know It

This has been a really busy time for us. I've started a new position at work which I love. I'm busy homeschooling Piper and keeping the other kids active and occupied. And of course, our biggest news: we finally purchased our house!

We've been living here for 18 months in a rent-to-own property. The house belonged to a family that was part of our homeschooling group. They were forced to move due to employment and after trying unsuccessfully to sell the house,they decided to give us the wonderful opportunity to rent it for awhile until we could work out financing and officially purchase it. We signed the papers on Friday and officially became homeowners. It actually still seems a bit surreal.

On Saturday night we had an unexpected visitor. Reagan ran into the office to tell me that something had fallen in our egress window and that it was "way bigger than a squirrel!" Now, I was thinking maybe a raccoon, but instead found a scared Opossum looking in at our family. I called animal control but it was late and they wouldn't make it until the next morning.


The girls were thrilled when the woke the next morning to find that there was an animal in the window for them to look at. They thought it was better than the zoo. Now, our zoo does have Opossums on the Minnesota trail. But apparently it's way cooler to have one in your very own window.

Bridget couldn't seem to get that it was a possum and kept calling it a "possible". "Mommy, someone took the possible away, and now we'll NEVER find it!" was what I heard for hours after animal control came and freed him.

Now the only thing that's making life difficult is the weather. Minnesota can't seem to decide if it's Spring or it it's still Winter. I think our family would much prefer it to be Spring, but sadly, the weather doesn't seem to care what we want.

I'm also trying to get back into blogging. I really cherish my blog posts, as I go through them from time to time and they record so many life details that I forget as I go through the day-to-day that is raising my family. I don't want to lose things because I've forgotten to write them down somewhere. So, I'll be making an effort to post more here.

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