Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stop The Crying!

I remember years ago a woman who came up with a diet plan called "Stop the Madness!".  I need to come up with a parenting plan called "Stop the Crying!" as that's been the last several days around here.

Anything and everything seems to reduce my children to tears.  From legitimate reasons like "I tripped on that toy" to totally ridiculous things like "she looked at me".  It's not so bad when it's just one, but when it's 3 or more I start wanting to pull my hair out.

Even Quinn is doing his part.  Though, in fairness, I think he's having a growth spurt.  He's eating like crazy and can't stand to be put down.  I've worn him for hours and hours on my back in slings for the last couple of days.  Honestly, if I didn't wear my babies I might have gone a little loopy.  Well, a little more loopy than usual at least.

So, tonight I think I'll go downstairs and help tidy the playroom, get everyone in clean jammies and put them all down with pillows and blankets and read some to them.  We're reading The Magician's Nephew at the moment, but I think I might read some to them from The House At Pooh Corner.

And maybe, just maybe, there won't be any tears.

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