Saturday, June 28, 2008


I'm getting on an airplane today.  I'm getting on it with five children.  I've packed thoroughly and think I have it all worked out.

We do curbside check in to avoid dragging bags through the terminal.  Then we take off our shoes while we wait in line for security.  I send Reagan through first, and all the kids after him.  I wear the baby in the airport because it's easy, and I no longer have to take him off to go through the metal detector.

I take the stroller all the way through to the gate.  My parents have car seats, so we only bring the infant one, and I check it.  I have a dvd player so the kids can watch Dora on the plane.  Everyone has an empty cup with a lid for juice on the flight.

Everyone has something to do and something to keep them occupied.  Everyone is polite and knows how to behave.  If I'm lucky I don't forget anything.  But it's always stressful and tiring.  The more kids I have the more there is to remember.

I'm grateful for the ability to travel, and to see my family.  I miss my parents living so far away from them.  At the same time, I wish it wasn't so much work.

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