Sunday, June 08, 2008

Life Chugs Along

Recently we had Ciaran assessed for his speech delay and it has been agreed that he displays a number of behaviors consistent with Autism and is likely on the spectrum.  We will be getting a full work up for him and he will be receiving services through the school district.

On Wednesday, Piper turned six.  For her birthday, I took the girls to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then to Build-A-Bear-Workshop.  Piper built a bright pink bear with white hearts in it's fur, which she named Huggy.  Yes, that's right, Huggy Bear.  Bridget made a soft bunny that I'd curl up and sleep with myself if she weren't so attached to it.  She named the bunny Fluffums.

Quinn broke out 2 new teeth, his first, on the bottom.  He's busy working on them by chewing everything in sight.

Reagan graduated from the 5th grade and is excited about starting sixth grade at the middle school.  The Asperger's diagnosis has been wonderful.  It's allowed him to become part of a group of students who accept his quirks and even help him realize when he's doing something silly or socially inappropriate.  He's made a good friend at school who lives near by and has a brother who is Autistic.  I think it gives him a better understanding of who Reagan is, and they really bring out the best in each other.

And the days go on, each into the next, a whirl of lessons, firsts, and those wonderful moments that one relishes just being part of a family.  Like when my daughter looks at me and tells me she loves me, or Ciaran decides to give me a kiss just because.  Life isn't always perfect, but I'm glad that I get to go through each day with this amazing family I've been given.  I'm truly grateful.

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