Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Autism Is Too Painful A Fraud

Recently, Michael Savage went on a tirade against Autism on his syndicated radio show. I doubt he thought of someone like me, with a husband who is very involved in his children's lives, and two sons who are not disciplinary problems, but still struggle with Autism. I doubt if he thought of my sister, who, like me, is not a welfare recipient who is also married but has a son who has been struggling with the limitations of Autism for the last 8 years. I doubt he thought of how painful it is to watch a child cry, not out of misbehavior, but because they simply are unable to communicate their thoughts and feelings verbally. I doubt he thought of how it feels to want your child to be able to say "I love you" and can not.

I doubt he gave a moment's pause to the many parents who are heartsick watching their children trying to overcome Autism.But he should have.The comments he made were ignorant at best, cruel at worst. Perhaps before he goes on about Autism, he should learn a bit more about what it is he's talking about.

Listen for yourself, and join Media Matters in telling Mr. Savage the truth about Autism:

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