Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crazy Days

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know, the kind that you're not supposed to have as a homeschooling mom.  The kind that starts with changing babies and then sitting on the bed to nurse when suddenly the cat pees on the bed right in front of you.  I spent my morning in chaos, changing cat fouled linens, putting Ciaran's diaper back on after it had been removed, again.  Breaking up fights between Piper and Bridget.  Throwing together breakfast while realizing that the cable wasn't working, and consequently, neither was the phone.

By ten am I was ready to throw in the towel.  I think the most formal lesson Piper had was to change the bedding immediately when the cat pees on it and that enzymes break up proteins and that's why we spray the cleaner on the urine spot.

Then my wonderful husband came home.  He put a ten dollar bill in my hand and sent me out to get coffee.  I sat at Starbucks, sipping a Venti Chai tea latte and reading Breaking Dawn, the final in the Twilight series of books that I've fallen in love with (There's a movie coming out soon, and I'm practically salivating).  And I was so grateful.

On the way there and back as well as while I ran an errand or two, I listened to That Mom's podcasts and found another reason for gratitude.  I am not a super mom, nor a super homeschooling mom.  Sometimes I'm just the mom getting through the day and teaching her kids how to stay sane.  And to hear Karen Campbell tel me that I'm good enough, and to provide that kind of encouragement was a Godsend.  I strongly recommend her podcasts to homeschooling moms.  And a good husband willing to let you escape and have coffee blissfully alone isn't bad either.

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  1. You were sipping coffee, in a state of grateful-to-God-bliss over a book, and salivating over a coming movie? Lord, I think I found my twin. All it takes is the promise of good literature to give me a reason to rise in the morning.

    Congrats on the new pregnancy, btw! Please tell Cally I'm praying about whatever's distressing her.


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