Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking Back At 2008

2008 has been, like all years, good and bad. This year I have so much to be thankful for, and yet, I’m still not certain that I could say I’ve had a “good” year.

2008 saw the purchase of our house. But it’s also seen us struggle hard to pay for it. The year saw our children grow, but also brought with it Autism diagnoses and even a bout of pneumonia for the baby. It’s seen Dominic and I keep our jobs, but with great changes. It’s been a mixed bag, for sure.

Dominic ~ Continued to work for his company, for which we are grateful. But schedule changes and a merger has made it a stressful time to work there. I can’t say how grateful I am that he is willing to get up every morning and work hard for our family.

Anne ~ It’s been a year full of reflection for me. I seem to have passed the post-partum depression brought on by Quinn’s birth, which is a very good thing. But I’ve had some rough patches. I think my husband, my faith, and my family all work together to keep my grounded, and I’m very grateful for them.

Reagan ~ My sweet boy was diagnosed with Asperger’s last Spring, which is an Autism Spectrum Disorder. With help from the school district he has made a very comfortable shift to Middle School, and is even getting ready for his 6th grade camping trip. He’s still just about the best big brother ever, and a generally great kid. I’m very blessed to have him.

Piper ~ Piper finished Kindergarten and started first grade while losing teeth and playing with her sister. It’s been a year of growth for her. She’s constantly asking questions and has a thirst for knowledge. Right now she says she wants to live next door to me when she grows up so that I can help with her five kids. She wants to be a mommy.

Bridget ~ Bridget has turned into a beautiful little girl. She’s stubborn as anything, especially if she’s sure she’s right. But she’s also incredibly loving and sweet. She is still as cuddly as she ever was, but she’s growing up so fast it makes my head spin.

Ciaran ~ After Reagan’s diagnosis of Autism I began looking more closely at some of Ciaran’s obvious delays, most notably his verbal delay. I began to suspect that he, too, was on the spectrum. After months of evaluations and interviews my suspicions were confirmed. Thankfully, that diagnosis has gotten him into a fantastic early childhood special education program with a teacher who is a godsend. Also, he’s gotten an amazing speech therapist who understand Autism and works well with him. He’s made amazing strides in such a short time.

Quinn ~ Quinn is just…a baby. He loves to nurse and be close and smile at everyone. The big thing that we’ve noticed about him is that he has a mommy need that’s been bigger than our other children’s. He’s really happiest in mommy’s arms.

We are grateful for our home, our family, and our livlihood. And we are grateful for another year to live, love, and learn togethe ras a family.

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