Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Simply Clean, OK?

Actually, it’s Jenny’s Simply Clean. But Jenny is from Oklahoma, and that phrase helps me remember their web address which is www.simplycleanok.com. Jenny’s Simply Clean is a laundry detergent developed and produced by a mom whose son was suffering from eczema. In an effort to find a way to launder their clothes and diapers without making her son break out and suffer, she decided to make her own. The end result of her work is a fantastic sudsless detergent.

I got my first batch a few months ago as a gift, wondering if I would like it. I had heard that the stuff smelled fantastic, but sadly I was so sick when ours arrived in the mail, I couldn’t smell any of the scents at all. When my sense of smell finally returned, I was thrilled to find that the reports were not exaggerated. Having gone through a sampler of Holiday Scents and a bag of Citrus Twist, I can tell you that they all smelled great. And, because of that, my laundry room also had a lovely scent, all the time, like apples, or hot chocolate, or sugar cookies, or whatever scent I was using at the time. Yum.

Jenny provides a wide variety of scents to choose from, all made from 100% essential oils, that range from the delicious like mango papaya, or sun ripened fruit; to the whimsical such as birthday cake, sweet baby, or pink sugar; to the soothing scents such of rosemary spearmint, fresh linen, honey almond, or oatmeal milk and honey. Whetever your style, there is a scent that will make you happy.

Still, scent alone can not make me fall in love with a detergent, even if it is helpful. What really sold me on Jenny’s Simply Clean was the detergent itself and how well it works. You use very little, it’s environmentally friendly, and it washes away so clean that I could increase the amount I used without worrying about over sudsing or having too much detergent in our clothes or linens. Recently our older cat went on a spree, peeing on everything, and then deciding that one bed, our oldest son’s bed, was the best place to keep going. While I hated doing all that laundry, I could triple the amount of soap I used in the wash if need be (cat urine is a very strong scent), and not only did it rinse away beautifully, it left the linens smelling pristine. If only I could say the same for his mattress!

For those of us who are cloth diapering mama’s her detergent is fantastic on cloth diapers. No more buildup, and the diapers are not only clean, but I’ve gotten rid of the slight lingering odor that no other detergent could seem to remove. She even has a product for freshening diaper pails. A little sprinkle when I popped in a stinky diaper was totally effective. So much so that I was finally able to move the bag we keep dirty diapers in from the laundry room to our bedroom, which is so much more convenient.

Jenny’s Simply Clean is also great for people who have difficulties due to sensitive skin. Remember it was developed to help a child who was suffering from eczema. You can order it without scent if you prefer, but from what I’ve heard from other users, even with the scents, it’s not irritating to the skin. Which is a nice change for those of us who’ve only been able to use very plain, unscented detergents. For a small fee of $1.50 it can also be made completely hypoallergenic.

On top of all that, it’s less expensive per load than the stuff I was getting at the grocery store. Delivery was prompt, and they have great customer service. For those who have homebased businesses selling things that need to be washed, she will even sell you little baggies of detergent to ship out to your customers with their orders. Payment was easy too, since she accepts most major credit cards and (my personal favorite) Paypal. And I have to add, I love that my money is helping a mom with a home based business over some big, faceless corporation.

I’m on my second order now, and have no plans to switch back to store bought detergent. I rarely use blog space to talk about products, let alone a product used for my least favorite chore, but this stuff is wonderful, and I only wish I had thought of it!

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  1. My daughter's "chronic and incurable" eczema cleared up on a gf/cf diet and treatment of her candida! Last week, we made our own laundry soap as a homeschooling project and figured out the per unit cost. So far, none of us have rashes and the clothes really are clean with only one Tablespoon of the stuff.


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