Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moved, Again!

You know, moving blogs is a huge hassle. I'm going to have to change web addresses everywhere, and once again I spent hours moving the story of my life from one place to another.

In the process I lost all of my posts since October. Oops. I really must remember to be more careful before I hit the delete button.

But now we're back where we started, with Blogger. And hopefully I'm going to have a lot more freedom to play with the format.

Now, if I could just make the stomach ache go away and get the kids to pick up after themselves, I'd be set.


  1. Anne, does this mean we've lost your article about breast pumps??

  2. Actually, I just found the first page of my blog cached through google, so I'm hoping I can at least replace the page, even if I can't get back the comments.

  3. Well, that's a relief. It's definitely an educational piece.


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