Friday, May 22, 2009

It's A Baby!

After losing a baby to Holoprosencephaly (Sarah also had an encephalocele, severe hydrocephalus, a meningocele, and a number of other conditions which, when combined, made her prognosis terminal), I find The Big Ultrasound both exciting and terrifying. I have had wonderful ultrasound techs who, understanding my fear, have immediately shown me my babies' brains and made it clear that they were healthy. This baby has a gorgeous little brain. Two, well defined hemispheres, a cerebelum, everything exactly where it should have been. After seeing that, I was able to relax and enjoy my peek at our new baby.

The girls came with me, excited to watch. They were very good, sitting nicely while the ultrasound tech pointed out various parts of the baby, who measured right on time.

There were cute things, like feet:
Arms with hands at the end, that usually liked to stay right up by baby's face:
But the girls were far more interested in whether or not they would have a baby sister this fall:

As you may be able to tell by looking inside the circle, and at the caption at the bottom, they were sadly disappointed. I, however, am not. I'm perfectly happy with a well developed brain, a four chambered heart that's pumping as it should, functioning kidneys, and a number of other physical indicators that this baby will likely be the kind we take home.

After the ultrasound we bought some chocolate zucchini bread, came home and had lunch with friends, did some gardening, and are basically enjoying our day. Learning about how ultrasounds work counts as homeschooling, right?


  1. Congrats on your healthy baby boy!

  2. Congratulations on a healthy baby boy, tell them maybe next time they get a girl!LOL

  3. congratulations on your healthy son! boys are wonderful, and your girls will love him and cuddle him just the same as they would a sister...once he's here :D

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful boy! I know well the fear of ultrasounds, as well as the thrill of being blessed with great news. Enjoy your good day!

  5. Congratulations It's a boy yippee!! we will say a prayer for you~love the ultrasound pictures ~Blessings :-)

  6. Thanks, everyone. I'm starting to really get excited about this little guy. Now to think of a name for him....


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