Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Phantom Of The Opera

Tonight, as a Mother's Day gift, my two friends took me to see The Phantom of the Opera. I first saw the Phantom when I was 12 years old. Michael Crawford played the Phantom and Dale Christian played Christine. I saw it twice more in high school with Davis Gaines playing the Phantom. It was always, amazing.

This time, I have to say, was just as good. Our cast was fantastic and I have to give credit to the incredibly professional performers who gave their all on a Tuesday night as they would for a Friday or Saturday performance. The stage was smaller than I was used to seeing it on, but it totally worked. It made the set seem larger, and brought everything closer. And of course, the Phantom is a great story. Christine, choosing between a passion for her art and the man that can give it to her, and real love that will last a lifetime and not consume her. When the actors really give the emotional side of their characters, the whole show takes on real depth. These actors were very good at that.

It was an amazing evening, and I had wonderful company. Three moms, out on the town, watching a show and taking in delicious dessert afterward. I brought Dominic home a fancy program and a piece of cheesecake, since he so graciously watched the kids and took care of the house this evening. Yeah, I know, he's a keeper.

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