Friday, May 08, 2009


Well it's almost midnight, so I'm squeezing this post in just under the deadline. But it's been a really long day.

It was a good day at work which was a nice treat. We weren't being slammed with admissions and discharges and got to work on making sure everyone's needs were met and all our paperwork was done. Honestly, I hear police say that what they don't show on TV is the endless paperwork. Well, the same is true for nursing. If it wasn't charted, it wasn't done, and everything has to be care planned properly...okay, this is boring even me.

Moving on.

We have a finished basement. The only part of the house that's carpeted is the stairs to the basement, playroom, and basement level master bedroom. Well, our cat, in his desire to mark our house (and possibly everything in it) as his own, peed on the carpet this morning. This isn't the first time, but it was the final time for me. I had to steam clean the darn thing. But we don't have a steam cleaner.

So, after work I went to not one, but two different Target's to find the steam cleaner that fit out needs and our budget. I didn't get home until after 8 pm, then put the kids to bed and got to work cleaning the playroom. After thoroughly cleaning, I had to vacuum. After that, and putting together the new steamer, I finally got to steam clean the darned carpet. Something both exhausting, and time consuming. The water coming out of this thing when I emptied it was black. I can't believe that was in my carpet!

The finished product is very nice, and I'm tempted to sit and admire it. But I know the kids don't care that I'm not getting to bed until after midnight, they'll still want to get up and be fed in the morning. They're really demanding like that.

There was a lot of thinking that went on with the hypnotic lull of the steam cleaner, mostly about appearances and how we compare ourselves to other moms. But that's a post for another night. I'm really tired and I'm pretty sure I'm rambling.

I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors. I'm not so good when I'm dead on my feet. And I hardly trust myself to proof-read.


  1. Doesn't that black water just make you want to go over the whole thing again? ;-) I'm glad your carpet is clean, and I hope you got some sleep last night!

  2. Oh, I have no doubt that I'll do it again soon and see what other crud I can get out of the carpet. This morning Bridget asked me why the carpet felt so smooth.

  3. I can see why you were exhausted!

  4. We just moved into a new apartment and I also ended up at Target buying a steam cleaner. With much the same results. Before steaming if you walked on the carpets your feet would turn black YUCK! And now we all have normal colored feet! I had to laugh I wanted to do the same thing just stare at the rug hehehe!


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