Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Productive, Or Not

So, I started my day at 6:30 and was feeling pretty darned proud of myself. Not only had I managed to drag my pregnancy fatigued tush out of bed, but I showered, fixed my hair, and put on clothes that actually looked like they went together. I got kids up, changed, dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, faces washed, and fed. And while they were eating, I cleaned the kitchen. I was feeling so darned productive, I sat down at the computer for a few minutes, and must not have heard Ciaran's bus when it came. Oops. Maybe I'm not as on top of this mommy game as I thought.

I did manage to do school with the girls (we've really jumped into the Ambleside Online Curriculum and are loving it!), do a bunch of laundry, make all the meals, and even make the bed (sometimes that gets missed since my wonderful husband sleeps later than I do and by the time he's out I'm busy with other things). Which was good.

Unfortunately after steam cleaning the carpet again last night, I can still smell That Darned Cat. And, not the Haley Mills film. As we speak I've got freshening powder all over the carpet and I'm praying that it will help. For as clean a house as this is right now (I might be nesting just a wee bit), it's just downright embarrassing that it should smell like cat pee. I will say, though, I was shocked that the water again came out filthy nasty from the carpet cleaning. For goodness sake it had only been four days since I last did it!

So, I don't know how productive I've been, in the end. But I have managed to get some important things done and did not spend all day playing chainrxn on Facebook. I know that probably doesn't sound like an accomplishment, but I'm telling you that darned game is strangely addictive.

Because of what I've been reading lately, I've been thinking about taking pride in the things we do at home for our families, seeing that work as a gift and a sacrifice, something to be done with a willing heart. And I think that there must be something to it, because when I feel like I've done well for my family, I feel good about my day. That may be something to remember when I don't at all feel like doing what it is that needs to be done.

Off to vaccuum. Again.


  1. Sorry about the cat smell. Try baking soda. Sadly tho it could be in the pad. This is why we had to go to all hard floors. We have carpet in the bedrooms, but I expect to change it every couple of years because of the kids.

    Sounds like you had a productive day tho! Inspiring even!

  2. You are so sweet. With all that work it is clear that you adore your family.

    I am having fun following your pregnancy tracker ")

  3. I was pretty much going to post the same thing as the first comment on here, with the addition that my husband is also strangely addicted to chainrxn.


  4. I would say really soak the baking soda into your rug wet it and get it down in there to soak up that odor. I have also heard 50 vinegar 50 water works. Then there is the Natural Lemon Grass Fragrance Stain & Odor Remover, 32 fl oz. Can be bought at your local wal mart for like $8.00. I would even try boiling hot water to kill any bacteria and pouring that on the rug then the baking soda to soak up the smell. Hope you figure it out soon. In the mean time sounds like your carpets will be super clean. Probably good excercise too!~Blessings


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