Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bridget's Big Day

This is Bridget.

Bridget is five years old. She was born on february the 14th, 2004. I wrote about it on my blog. Yes, I was blogging then. And she was such a special, gorgeous little baby.

Five years have gone by so fast. And tonight, Bridget lost her first tooth.


Now, here's the part of the story where the moms out there all nod their heads in understanding.

Having done this whole tooth losing thing before, I wisely told Bridget (after all had been shown the wonders of her tiny baby tooth) to go put it under her pillow and leave it there. I told her if she didn't, she'd lose it.

Being a good girl, she took it and put it under her pillow, right away. But....she started thinking about how much she wanted to see it again. She took it out, and....she lost it. Tears were shed, looking was done, but in the end I told her I'd upload her photos and e-mail the tooth-fairy that the tooth was lost. I so love technology for that!

You'd think the kids would realize that sometimes I know exactly what I'm talking about. But all too often they feel the need to learn things for themselves. I can't imagine where they get that from.

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