Monday, June 29, 2009

Cloth Diaper/Jenny's Simply Clean Giveaway Winner!


Thanks to Random.Org, the winning number was 1!

Edie, congratulations on your win!

Please e-mail me at AnneBasso at gmail dot com with your mailing address, color combo you wanted for the Rocky Mountain diaper, and scent you wanted to try from Jenny's Simply Clean!

And a big thank you to Rocky Mountain Diapers and Jenny's Simply Clean for offering their products for this giveaway. I buy my Rocky Mountain Diapers from Banana Peels since they offer free inserts for their diapers, and free shipping on on orders over $50

And I order all my laundry detergent and diaper freshener from Jenny's Simply Clean directly. For cloth diapers, I've found nothing better.

Now, I'm just a mom, with a big family, who likes these products and wanted to share them, and hopefully hook someone else. Seriously, cloth diapering is addictive. Actually, the detergent is addictive too. I started using it to support an online friend in her new business. But I guarantee you, I would not keep buying it, using it, and talking about it if I didn't totally love it.

Thanks to everyone who participated. And again, congratulations, Edie!



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