Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding The Joy

Pregnancy hormones have hit me hard. I'm about 25 weeks now, and October 10th seems so far away, even though I know it will come faster than I think it will. But right now, I have to just get through pregnancy. I'm tired, and cranky, so I'm trying to remember that what I perceive isn't necessarily the reality. Also, I have the appetite of two full grown men, but my digestion has slowed to a crawl, as has my metabolism. I won't even tell you what the scale said to me tonight. Let's just say, it was very mean, and considering my mood, it's lucky it still has a home.

So, what's a grumbly, cranky mom to do to keep herself sane and not drive her family absolutely crazy? Laugh. Yes, laugh.

I'm an isolator. When I feel like this, I tend to want to hide in my room and ignore the world. But that's not best for me, or for my husband and kids, so I can't let myself. Between frequent breaks to Twitter, and indulge in just enough isolation to make me feel like I was in control, I spent a lot of time just being with the kids today. We did important school stuff and we played. Tonight we sat around playing "doll". Dolls don't laugh, so if the girls could sit without laughing at their dad's antics, they were real dolls. It turns out don't have any real dolls in our house. And the laughter was contagious.

There was tickling, chasing, laughing, and lots of play. For me, it was just what the doctor ordered. Granted, I need to get up in the morning, have a little prayer time, and start doing my walk away the pounds video again. I'm not worried about losing weight, but the one mile walk can be done low impact, and I think it might help make me feel better. Then maybe I can keep laughing while I get all this laundry done, and try to keep my house from falling apart while I gestate.

Hey, a girl can dream. And I am totally aware that pregnancy, homeschooling, big family, and a clean house is a dream! At least for me.

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  1. Glad your pushing on through and hanging in there....I have been known to lock myself in a bathroom with dorittos when I am pregnant! whatever works for ya right! ~praying for you....your blogging cheerleader~Heather!


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