Friday, June 12, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

This week my husband has shown a considerable amount of patience with me. I have been really touchy. I feel like I wake up with limited patience and about three nerves, and by 10 am by patience is gone and I'm down to one nerve. The kids are being normal kids but I still feel like they've put on cleats and are jumping on that last fried nerve I've got and I'm ready to scream.

I have absolutely no idea why I feel like this. It's not my husband, it's not my kids, it's not my home, it's just me. I'm not even sure it's hormones, though that's certainly a possibility. For the most part I've managed to keep myself pulled together. After all, we can feel any way we want to, but I can't act any way I want to. But Dominic has been so understanding that I'm not quite myself.

Several evenings he's come home and let me leave. I've gone shopping, out with a friend to eat, and just generally to decompress for the day. And my wonderful husband hasn't complained a bit. He's just kissed me, told me to do whatever I need to do to feel better, and been supportive. When you're having a growth spurt, your body thinks maybe it doesn't want to hold up your uterus anymore, and you feel like your hair is on fire for most of the day, it's beyond my ability to express with words how good it is to have a husband who comes home with a calming presence and patience to spare, and makes you feel supported.

Thank you, honey.

My lover is mine and I am his;
he browses among the lilies.
Song of Songs 2:16

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  1. Hey Anne pop over to my blog there is something for you over there ~Glad you made it through the day~ Hope your feeling better.... Blessings Heather


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