Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some Days...

This is one of those stories that I have to blog about so I don't forget that some days I do manage to stay sane when I should really lose my mind. Yesterday was going very well. Despite being sick, we got through our school work, I did the laundry I needed to do, and was keeping up on the daily housework. In the afternoon, though, I took a nap with the boys, and the house always gets messy if I sleep.

Reagan came home and didn't do his chores, but instead went outside to play. A no-no for him. Kindly, though, he offered to make corndogs for dinner and I let him. After dinner we didn't have any time to clean up. It turned out Reagan's choir concert was yesterday evening. Again I'd had less than a day's notice that he had a concert which meant I was totally unprepared. This time I think his teacher has some blame. I looked at the sheet he'd sent home which had call times (would have been nice to have seen it when it was sent home instead of the day of the concert), but no date! Nice to know what time my child should arrive at school, but could you tell me what day to bring him?

So, we raced out of the house to get him to his show. On the way there, Piper mentioned she wasn't feeling well. But we've all had a cold, and she says that so often, I told her if she needed to throw up, just wait till we got home. Unfortunately, sometimes when she says she's going to be sick, she actually means it. As soon as we got Reagan to school she yakked all over herself, her seat, the car. Ugh.

So, I call Dominic, hoping he's about to get off work and can meet me in the driveway to help me clean everything up. No such luck. He was getting off a little late and wouldn't be able to help. Darn it! I called my friend S. to tell her how my day was going when I got another call. Hoping it was Dominic telling me he was coming home, I switched over. It wasn't Dominic.

It was my house alarm company calling to tell me that my burglar alarm was going off and that the police had been dispatched. You've got to be kidding me, was my thought. I headed home with a car reeking of vomit to meet some nice policemen.

Our front door had not been properly closed when I set the alarm. Apparently it blew open and set the darned thing off. Since the door was open, the police were inside when I got home and had been through every room in my totally-unprepared-to-be-seen-by-strangers house. They asked me if my house always looked like that when I left.

That might have set me off just a wee bit. No, it doesn't always look like this! I have five kids, I'm pregnant, I've been sick for a week, and we had to race out of the house to take my son to a choir concert I didn't know about, M'KAY!? I might have also been a touch hormonal and overwhelmed at this point, but I did manage to stay polite. After all, I really wanted them to leave.

I kept trying to shoo them out so I could get my sick child into the shower and eventually they took off. I got things cleaned up, the kid, the car, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, etc. when Dominic came home. I told him about everything hoping he'd commiserate and instead he looked at me and said, "So, there's no dinner for me?"

Now, I adore my husband and he is a wonderful man. But he's cranky when he's hungry and thank the good Lord I know that or I might have been tempted to chuck something heavy in the general direction of his head. I told him I was oh-so-very-sorry that I didn't have time to fix him a plate while running to school, dealing with the police, or taking care of his sick child and his house, but no, I didn't have anything ready for him. So, he went off to heat himself up some pizza. After which, I should say, he was apologetic for not sympathizing with me.

So, now I was ready to get boys ready for bed when I realized that the diapers, pull-ups, and wipes that I KNOW I put in my cart at Target in the morning did not get checked out or brought home. So it was back to Target to pick those things up, to school to get Reagan, to McDonalds to get Dominic an apple pie (he was having a craving) and back home to get kids ready for bed.

I'd love to say that I fell into a coma-like sleep, but frankly the evening's events left me a bit on edge and not able to drift right off. Thankfully I have a good sense of humor and decided I had to laugh or I'd cry.

I laughed a lot last night.


  1. oh my goodness! what a day. thank goodness you've kept your sense of humor. i can't believe that the police asked you if your house always looked like that--or that your dh asked if he got dinner!:) i guess they'll learn not to mess with a mom on a day like that one. may today be much, much, MUCH better!

  2. I love that the police asked if your house always looked like that! Sometimes we'll come home and I'll say "oh my gosh, we've been robbed....oh wait. never mind....." Great story. I have to laugh at you, too. In a very sympathetic way, of course ;)


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