Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Mornings

This is Quinn asking everyone in the ER to look at his finger. But really, that's jumping ahead in the story. This morning the kids couldn't have waffles for breakfast. Why? Because Bridget ate them. Yes, ate them. Frozen. Right out of the freezer. A whole package over the last couple of days. She's lost her ice cream man money. See, she did this before, and this time she has to pay for what she took. *Sigh* I hate it when they make me give them object lessons. Isn't it good enough that I say it's wrong, and don't do it anymore? No, they make me show them.

Then I found out that when Piper didn't have money for the ice cream man, she borrowed from the neighbor kids. They'd really like their $3 back now. Piper has also lost her ice cream man money. When mommy says no ice cream today, you can't borrow money from the neighbors. Especially if you can't pay it back.

Then Piper and Bridget had a squabble over something and Bridget hit Piper. We decided to call a meeting with the girls and address the entitlement issue we see coming up. Because I have no idea where they got the notion that they're entitled to what they want, but I guarantee we'll put a stop to it. Piper came into our room, and in trying to keep her baby brother out, shut his pinky finger in the door.

So, now I have a screaming baby and his finger is first flat looking, then begins to swell terribly. He won't bend it and he won't let me examine it. Yeah, in my book that calls for an ER visit. Off we went in 95 degree muggy heat.

We spent a couple of hours in the ER during which time he did finally start to move it and let others inspect it. He even posed for a picture or two:


Then we had an x-ray. The tech asked me if I might be pregnant....Um, do I just look really fat? Yeah, I think a little pregnant, maybe. To which she tactfully just responded that she hadn't been paying attention. An answer which I appreciated far more than "Oh, gosh, I just thought you were really packin' on the pounds!"

X-rays were negative for fracture, which is a very good thing. But the swelling was still pretty bad, so they wanted to buddy tape his fingers and for me to try to ice it and offer him ibuprofen as needed over the next few days for pain.


Quinn really didn't like having his fingers taped, and spent the car ride home untaping them. Whatever. He's functioning normally and using his finger. I'll try again, but I think it's probably a lost cause.

In other news, we went to visit the NICU nurses who took care of him after he was born, and they still remembered us. It felt good to say thank you, and let them see how big and strong he is now. A far cry from the littel 4 pound baby they knew a year and a half ago.


  1. Would it make you feel any better to know that Sophia ate an entire freaking PINT of fresh blueberries the other day right under my nose? I didn't even see her eat one of them and yet I found an empty pint container sitting on the table the next morning.

    And my son loves to eat corn... but only frozen. Like me!

    Gotta love the kids...

  2. I am so glad to know that my punks are not the only ones eating the frozen waffles fromt he freezer!! LOL!

    I am glad Quinn's finger is not fractured. :-)

  3. I can so relate to this post on so many levels. Hope his finger gets back to normal soon.

  4. praying those fingers are feeling better today!

  5. I hope he's feeling better soon. I don't blame you, I will go the the ER at the drop of a hat:)

    BTW: I love your kids names! Very unique!


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