Friday, July 17, 2009



I love our beautiful black cat, Charlie.

I don't love it when our beautiful black cat pees on things.

Not that I can blame him, when our son skips the important chore he has: cleaning the litter box. Charlie has no other way to inform us that he no longer has a place to go.

But did it have to be on our bed? At bedtime? I'll be up way too late tonight cleaning up this mess. And, you know, blogging about it. Because I have my priorities!


  1. UGH! So sorry! But you're right, good blog material. LOL

  2. Aaaaaachooooo! *sniff* Sorry...I'm allergic to cats!!! :-) We have a up pet messes is NO FUN!

  3. We have an old black cat but he is not indoors. However we are familiar with cats peeing in our bed, and children.


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