Friday, July 10, 2009

It May Be My Kidney After All


I went to see my doctor again this morning. I'm still having a lot of pain on my right side. It starts just under my ribs and radiates to the top of my hip. Sometimes it moves around to the front or back as well, but, like the cramping it brings on, I think I'm just tightening up muscles because it hurts.

By the time I got home with my new perscription for Darvocet and orders to drink and rest, my lab work was already coming back. Positive for blood in the urine and moderate bacteria. So, I may be fighting off an infection after all. Still, I've never had a UTI cause pain like this!

The waves of pain don't feel like childbirth, but they're similar in intensity. I have to breathe through them. They make me nauseus, so while I don't object if food is placed in front of me, I don't have a big appetite, nor do I want to drink anything.

I'm hoping the labwork confirms that it's my kidney, not because it's fun, but because I want it to be something they can identify and treat. I can't keep going on like this. And while I knew I looked terrible, it was really brought home by my friend's daughter K. who came to babysit for me this morning with her sister. She took one look at me, and suddenly looked like she wanted to cry. She put her arms around me, hugged me, and wanted to know what she could do. Of course, they did exactly what I needed. They took care of my babies while their mom took me to the doctor.

Good friends are truly priceless. Thank you Sonya, and the girls, too!


  1. We love you! You are the best! And we would do anything for you. Just let us know if you need anything.


  2. I've had a kidney infection and the pain it can cause is unbelievable. It actually had me writhing on the floor in the waiting room of the office. ICK but I couldn't help it! I felt like I was out of my mind in pain.

    Praying they discover what it is soon and get you some relief!!!

  3. Oh, Anne, I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad! Praying the the doctors will find the cause of your pain, so they can properly treat you. One thing we know for sure. God knows exactly what's going on. I'm praying that He will go to the root of the problem and heal you!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Now I feel like I want to cry. I am so sorry that you have been suffering...I am praying for a quick recovery.

    Do you have pyelo?

  5. @Julie: I certainly have some of the symptoms of pyelo, but not others. This is why I'm such a bad nurse for myself. I can think of several reasons why it could by pyelonephritis, and then several reasons that it wouldn't be. I have headaches, and chills, but only a low grade temp (sometimes not even that, but the medication I'm taking for pain has tylenol in it, too). I'm not having painful urination, but I am having classic renal colic, and it's really painful. I think sometimes I have just enough knowledge to make myself crazy.

    Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes and prayers.


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