Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying For Stellan

Prayers for Stellan

Many of my readers have also followed the story of baby Stellan. But for those who haven't, baby Stellan was diagnosed with a serious heart condition before he was born called SVT or Supraventricular Tachycardia. His heart was beating too fast to effectively pump blood through his body and the doctors said he would not survive.

But little Stellan didn't get the memo and continued to grow and thrive. He was ultimately born healthy and stayed that way for a while. Then he got sick because of the SVT and had surgery. Since then he's had a number of episodes and hospitalizations.

Still, Stellan has defied all the odds. Repeatedly. Until now. He's been in SVT for about 3 days. His heart isn't pumping the blood effectively enough. He's no longer urinating. His blood pressure has dropped. He's vomiting everything they put in his stomach. It's bad. They have decided to airlift Stellan to a Boston hospital.

I've followed Stellan's story closely. I know what it's like to get the news that the baby you love and are carrying will die. For us, there was no great miracle. No way to reverse what was wrong. So, I've taken such great joy in seeing such a thing for another family. I know that God has a plan in all of this, and I trust Him. At the same time, I want God's plan to be my plan: healing for Stellan.

Please pray for Stellan and for his parents who are holding on to faith but are understandably scared to death and plain worn out. Pray and pray hard.

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