Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spectrum Saturdays: A Brain Thing


You know, I'm not so sure I like the brain all that much. I know it does everything. And I appreciate that. But I sort of feel like I'm living in the Young Frankenstein movie and somehow a lot of the brains in my family were taken from the Abby Normal jar.

I can't tell you how many people in my family have diagnosed depression. Mine was diagnosed when I was 16. Then I lost my daughter to holoprosencephaly which is a failure of the brain to divide properly. Also, I have two sons and a nephew with Autism. Another brain disorder.

I learned a trick this week to helping Ciaran calm down during tantrums. I basically pick him upt like a baby, hold him tight, and rock him from side to side. There's that brain again wanting a certain kind of input to be able to calm down.

I suppose it's completely illogical to be mad at the brain for not working exactly as it should. But in the absence of a better target for my frustration (when it comes) the brain will have to do. I'm so grateful that there are people who find the brain fascinating, and long to understand it better. For them, I am grateful. Because one day their hard work will provide us with the answers we've been looking for, and we'll make huge strides in helping our children recover from Autism.

In the meantime, we families will keep plugging along. That's what we do. Because our kids are amazing gifts, and we're so grateful for them.

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  1. your family certainly has had more than it's fair share of brain issues. Tough, really tough to deal with. I admire your strength through this.



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