Saturday, July 04, 2009

Spectrum Saturdays: Fantasy Boy


Fearing that my wonderful son would never learn to love reading, I finally put a book in his hand about dragons. That was it. His world changed. Suddenly he couldn't get enough. Dragons, knights, fantasy, worlds within worlds. He loved it all.

When my husband and I started playing World of Warcraft, Reagan became fascinated with the lore. He picked up a pencil and began writing stories about it. Pages and pages of stories with elves, kings, and quests. My son had found his niche.

I really thought he was just my kid. Now that I know about his Asperger's, however, I can see how Autism pushed his interest farther than it would other kids. Reagan is a Fantasy Boy, a specific subtype of Aspergers. Reagan finds most of his fantasy in online games, video games, and books. But if he lacks the media of his choice, he just makes up his own stories.

In a way, I understand it. I was very similar. There wasn't as much pressure in fantasy, and things could work out as they should. But I've learned that there have to be limits. I can encourage the things he shows an interest in, without letting the interest control him.

For us, that means putting limits on computer time. It means continuing to listen to him discuss whatever his latest fantasy interest is, but not let him only talk about that subject, or dominate the conversation with it. We've also learned that we have to encourage him in other things to help round out his experiences.

Honestly, I'm very grateful that he's interested in things I know something about and can encourage him in. And of all the interests he could have, I'm glad that he's interested in games that are more about a story line, and good triumphing over evil, than something mindless and violent. I'm glad that the interests he has encourage his creative side, and inspire him.
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  1. Blessings to Reagan! He sounds like a wonderful boy.

    Our former pastor's granddaughter has Asperger's. Her name is Sara. She and her family attend our church. I love Sara! She has a passion for different things at different times, but she also has an amazing ability to see things as they really are, and is very honest about her feelings. She's a "no holds barred" kind of girl, and I just appreciate her so much. What a joy she is to everyone around her, as I'm sure Reagan is to you!

    Have a great week...

  2. The advantage to owning your own fantasy boy: They can make even the most boring job into an adventure if you just get them started! Who knew that washing the walls had anything to do with escaping from trolls?


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