Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Step By Step


I know a lot of children's television is garbage. But sometimes you can glean pearls of wisdom from kids shows. I discovered that this week while watching Special Agent Oso on the Disney Channel with the kids. Oso is a bear who gets things done by doing 3 special steps.

There is so much to be done to keep your home running smoothly, or heck, even keep it basically clean. If you're at all like me, it goes so much easier if you can make the kids part of your team and have their help. But how can I get them to do things like pick up the playroom or their bedroom without my constant supervision? Now I have an answer. 3 Special Steps.

Sometimes we need more than three steps. But we start with three and see where we need to go from there. For example, tonight I needed the girls to clean their room so I could clean the floor. Step 1: Pick up dirty clothes. Step 2: Pick up shoes. Step 3: Pick up books.

That right there cleaned about half of their room up, but it wasn't enough. So we started over. Step 1: Pick up stuffed animals. Step 2: Pick up Barbies. Step 3: Pick up trash and extras. That was it! They were done and I was able to clean their floor. Which, by the way, desperately needed it.

Doing the three special steps gives them a clear road map of how to get something done. A tool they really need while they're young. The jobs often look too big, and they don't know how to break them down into smaller pieces. But once they've got this kind of a technique, they'll start applying it on their own. Ultimately, they're excited about completing a mission, and I'm happy because I have the help I needed. This is a tool I'm definitely going to keep in my parenting tool box.


  1. We LOVE Special Agent Oso in this house. My kids think in three steps, just like Oso. Alex's favorite is the "Robot Special Agent Oso" which is really called "The Living Flashlight". Oso helps two boys camping out in the backyard find batteries for their flashlight. Its a really great show.

    "Its all part of the plan... more or less"

    AND its voiced by Sean Astin (a la Samwise Gamgee from the LOTR movies)

  2. 3 steps is a great idea. Keeping that in mind would even make some of my own projects seem more do-able. :-)

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  4. Oh, wow...where was Special Agent Oso years ago, when I needed him? Sounds like a great idea. Might even try it with my hubby! LOL


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