Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Wii


We recently got a Wii. I love this thing. My kids are playing, but they're moving, too! We got the Wii fit to go with it, and I've even been working out. I can pick exercises that challenge me without pushing my pregnant body too far. It's a good thing. Maybe I won't have gained a gazillion pounds by the time I have this baby.

Since my step-daughter Karina has always loved Dance Dance Revolution, we picked that up for her. We all love it. And, oh my gosh, is it a work out! I'm wondering how many calories I've burned tonight playing this game with my son. Especially when added to all the housework I've done.

I'll say it. I'm nesting. My dad is hopefully coming out in a couple of weeks and I want the house to look nice for him (as nice as I can make it look anyway), and the pregnant oh-my-Lord-I-want-my-house-in-order-before-I-can't-do-anything-because-I'm-constantly-nursing has kicked in as well. I actually think the only way my house ever gets truly organized is when I'm pregnant. Nesting hits me hard.

But seriously, I'm loving the Wii.


  1. We love our wii too. Never thought I'd say that about a game system! We have had Wii Fit since Christmas. Just last week we got a new fitness game, EA Sports Active. It is a great workout! Maybe you can get that one for post-partum :-)

  2. oh my gosh! I am impressed. You are doing the wii-pregnant.

    I am a DDR Lame-o!



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