Friday, August 07, 2009

Lessons Learned On A Rough Day


Today was a rough day. So, instead of considering it a total loss, I'm going to pull some lessons out of it. Maybe it'll help someone else. At the very least it will help me to remember. After all, these days can sometimes be the funny stories we tell later. If my kids are lucky, it won't be in front of their first date.

1. If your child likes to get naked, and is not potty trained, do not allow them to take books to bed. Bedding can be washed, books can not. No one likes Winnie-the-Pooh to smell like pee.

2. When dealing with a child who is throwing fits at the drop of a hat, banishment to the bedroom is actually a good deterrent. If you're lucky, they might even take a nap and then stop throwing said fits.

3. When using the oven, check to make sure that nothing is in it that shouldn't be. There is nothing like having your recently cleaned oven start smoking and stinking because someone put the lid to a sippy cup inside and it's now melting.

4. It is worth it to stop and explain to a tattling child that, if they hit their sibling first, they're also going to be in trouble when they come and tell. It was like a light bulb came on over Bridget's head, I swear!

5. Check diapers. Even if you changed them five minutes ago and they're now screaming at you, they may have actually gone again and are unhappy about it. Of course, if they're that unhappy about having used their diaper, maybe they'd like to try the potty! Sorry, that's probably asking way too much.

You know, going to work this weekend may be a nice get away after all....

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