Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie Night


I love that my step-daughter is at an age where we can do things like...have a girlie movie night and watch things like Singles, and laugh and talk. As she heads into adulthood I can see our relationship slowly changing. I wonder if the relationships with my biological children will morph so easily. Somehow I doubt it. I've never been a parent to Karina, just another adult in her life who loves and cares about her.

Still, it's just nice to have a pretty-close-to-grown-up girl in the house to talk to, spend time with, and who is really helpful. Seriously, I brought Ciaran home from therapy today and was so exhausted, she pretty much ordered me to bed and took over getting lunch, naps, and hanging with the kids while I slept.

I really hit the jackpot with my husband and my step-daughter. I knew my husband was a good dad before I married him. And my step-daughter has never been anything but wonderful. And now she'll sit and eat junk and watch old movies with me. Life is good. Now if I could just sleep.

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  1. She sounds like a true Godsend.

    Hope you are getting sleep!!!


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