Friday, August 07, 2009

My Husband Rocks! A Strong Foundation

My Husband Rocks

Dominic and I have built our marriage on our faith. It hasn't always been easy. While we both have faith, it's something we've both struggled with. True faith for me is something that is worked at daily, much like marriage. Building our marriage on the foundation of our strong beliefs, was a really good place to start for us. But, if you pour sand on a rock, it's still going to slip right off.

Thankfully, my husband is not at all like sand, shifting and slipping through my fingers. He is a constant. He is strong, capable, dependable, loving, protective, and my safe harbor. Together our relationship is strong, and I can not explain how much of that is because of the unfailing love he shows me.

Earlier this week, he posted something on Facebook where he called me "The Wife". It didn't bother me in the slightest. It wasn't used in a derogatory manner. It wasn't used disrespectfully at all. One of his co-workers, apparently in jest, berated him for using such a term, calling him a "50s dork" and, honestly, I got mad. I'm a big girl, and if there's something in my marriage that needs addressed, I guarantee you, I'll address it. But more than that, I resented a woman I don't even know, taking my husband to task when he works, helps me raise our children, and always treats me with love and respect.

I stood up for my husband on Facebook (I might be just a leetle bit hormonal at the moment) and the woman apologized. I think Dominic was actually proud of me. But that's how this marriage thing works, I think. We protect each other. Stand up for each other. Care for each other. My husband is my best friend, and I'm grateful every day for what we have: this strong foundation that holds us up.

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  1. Well, I call Jason "husband" constantly, even in person, aloud. I think it got confusing when Jay was placed with us, and that's when I started. At any rate I think it is a term of high honor. As is wife.

    And you're a great one. :)


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