Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Peace


Dreaming about things that make me anxious did not make my sleep restful. Thankfully, they seem to have stopped. Friday night, I had my last bad dream. In it I was eating with my parents at an outdoor taco stand in California, when my dentist called and informed me that tests had shown that my lower teeth were swollen. Seven of them, in front, would need to be removed, and a non-feeding tube would need to be inserted into my stomach. I was terrified and confused. In the dream I knew I would let her take my teeth, and I was powerless to stop it.

Saturday morning I was driving to work, listening to a guest on a radio show I listen to. He was a dream expert and reminded me of things I often forget. Like, I better than anyone, can analyze my dreams. I realized that there was something all of my weird pregnancy dreams have had in common. In them I'm frightened, overwhelmed, or I feel powerless. Even the dream about my teeth, has to do with my children. My mother used to say that in the old days in Britain, a woman could expect to lose a tooth with every child. Counting Sarah, this baby will be my seventh child.

Once I acknowledged that I'm nervous about having the baby early, and about being overwhelmed with the demands of parenting six children, the dreams seem to have lightened up. Something for which I am deeply grateful. Between restless legs, restless baby, and a restless bladder, my sleep is poor enough without the bad dreams.

Since then I've been enjoying my kids, enjoying what is left of my beautiful step-daughter's visit, and enjoying the wonderful foods coming out of my crock pot. Oh yes, I am deeply obsessed with my slow cooker, and my family is all the more well fed because of it.

I'm officially 33 weeks pregnant. My OB said I was "rapidly" moving through the third trimester. Oh, yes, he did say "rapidly". You can tell he's not trying to sleep with this baby at night. I'm sure it would feel far less "rapid" if he did. He's a great doctor, but it was a very amusing comment. Quinn was born at 35 weeks according to the doctors (I thought he might have been 34 weeks). So, I'm hoping that we have at least a few more weeks to go so that I can keep him in long enough to come home with me. I really like it when my babies come home with me.


  1. I hope you make it a few more weeks.

    I think time is flying for everyone this summer.

  2. Praying for a timely birth and healthy baby Hang in there Anne not to much longer now ~blessings ;D


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