Monday, September 21, 2009

Bringing Brennan Home


Last Tuesday, after 16 days in the NICU, I finally got to bring Brennan home. He needed several days getting CPAP to keep his lungs open. Then he had a couple of days with high flow oxygen through nasal canula to keep his breathing deep. At that point he was also started under bilirubin lights for his jaundice. After coming out from the lights, he had to go back under. And of course, he had to learn to eat. The magic answer seemed to come when we put him on a regular flow nipple and he started eating like a champ.

Still, NICU life is stressful. It was hard to split time between the kids at home who needed me, and the baby in the hospital who needed me. Bringing him home was wonderful. And, of course, he took to nursing like a champ as soon as I got him home. And he's been busy this week, eating, sleeping, filling his diapers, and generally being adorable.

I worried that the kids would have issues, but so far they all seem to love him. Even Quinn spent half the evening tonight trying to kiss him on his head. He hasn't been jealous at all.

Last week I tried to get rest. This week, I'm starting my routine with chores again. It's important for my sanity that I keep my house in order. Next week, we'll add in school. I'm anxious to get back to all the fun things we were studying before I got horribly distracted by other things (you know like contractions, family visits, Summer...).

And I promise to get back to blogging. My husband keeps telling me he misses reading my posts.

Brennan and Piper. You can see how tiny he is compared to her.


  1. I am so happy to see this post. And glad your baby is home. He is absolutely beautiful!

  2. I am loving the burp cloths you sent me, Kimberly. They're so cute, and so handy. I didn't realize how much I needed some new ones!

  3. Awwww...he's adorable! Welcome home, Brennan!

  4. He's beautiful! I understand what you mean about keeping the house in order. I felt like everything was so out of control after I had baby#3; however, please don't put too much pressure on yourself, you still need the rest!

    I think during that time I picked whatever I just had to have in order, like my bedroom(because I was in there most of the time), and keeping the dishes washed.

  5. Poor little guy, he's been through so well as the entire family.

    Now, he and everyone can get settled. Looks like Piper is just crazy about him :)

    Good to hear from you again! I hope you will get some rest.

  6. Glad to hear you're home and that Brennan is doing well!

    I missed out on commenting on your post about Brennan's birth, (I've been occupied taking care of my own newborn baby, lol) but I want to give you belated congratulations! He really is beautiful, a wonderful addition to your family. :)


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