Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back To Life


Can you believe I haven't blogged in over a month? I can. Between getting back to work, getting back to homeschooling, and getting back to being a keeper of my home, I'm swamped! About all I get around to do is updating my Facebook status and playing the occasional game of Bejeweled Blitz.

So, what's going on in the Basso house? Everything. All the time.

Reagan wants to come back home and be homeschooled again. I'm fine with that, but I have concerns, too. I'll be talking to some of the people at his school. I want to make sure he can get all he needs at home. On a positive note, he's testing way above grade level, is making good grades, and has been asked to join the honors choir.

Piper wants to be a Scientist. Right now that means finding things around the house to mix together. We're probably going to have to talk about that. Soon.

Bridget is recovering from a kidney infection. After two trips to urgent care, one trip to the E.R., a good deal of pain, and a fever of 103, she finally seems to be on the mend. And last night, when I was changing into my pajamas, she wandered into the bathroom. "It's okay Mommy." she said, "If I see you naked, I promise not to laugh. Only other people will laugh." Gosh, thanks. I thought I looked pretty good yesterday, but leave it to my kids to keep me humble!

Ciaran is potty learning. Since he's a visual learner, we got him a couple of dvd's, we're taking him often, and explaining all the steps. It's all about repetition. Right now it's all miss and we haven't had a hit yet. But I'm confident it's coming. After all, the kid not only tells me when he's dirty, he's started putting on his own diaper. Autism or not, that's where I draw the line. When you can put on your own diaper, it's time to take them OFF.

Quinn is learning new words all the time. I think he's slightly speech delayed, but he's still so communicative I'm not worried about Autism. He'll go to the cup drawer and get me a cup if he's thirsty. He asks for more. He points to things. He answers to his name and he makes eye contact. He also smiles and totally melts me. Seriously, he's a cute little guy.

Brennan is growing and changing every day. He wants to nurse all the time, and he's making me grateful we co-sleep. I'd go nuts if we didn't.

As for me, I'm getting back into the swing of things. And now that I seem to be remembering my anti-depressant, I'm getting my good mood back. Along with that, I'm working on improving my eating habits and have started working out. It's kicking my butt. And that's a very good thing. When I work out I get to bed at a good hour and helps encourage the normalcy I'm trying to get back to. Well, whatever normal is in a house with six kids who are constantly growing and changing.


  1. It's good to hear from you! I have to admit, I got worn out just reading about everything going on in your life! Saying prayers for you and your family...

  2. So glad you posted an update. Been missing reading your blog, but it is understandable the delay, you do have your hands full to say the least.

    Quinn and my youngest sound a lot a like, although Brienna does throw out that ear plugging scream more often then none.

    Stay up beat and encourage, you have a lot of little people around there looking up to ya.


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