Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surprises In Homeschooling

Yesterday Ciaran had Occupational Therapy followed by Speech Therapy. These are both to help him with problems associated with his Autism. The Occupational Therapist set him up with some bubble blowers. Yet again, it seems, play is important. Blowing bubbles helps him isolate and utilize his core muscles and helps him with posture, which he has trouble with.

Yesterday, Ciaran got it. He was a bubble blowing champ. Several of the blowers looked like little trumpets which he promptly put up to his mouth and began humming the "Hall of the Mountain King". Can anyone tell that Edvard Grieg is the composer we're studying right now? His music has been played frequently around the house, and even Ciaran is picking up on it.

There are lots of surprises in homeschooling. Like hearing Piper read a book to her sister that I thought was a touch beyond her reading level. Or hearing a child explain about a subject that you didn't think they were paying much attention to.

Of course there's also the surprise when a doctor asked Bridget what she'd learned and she immediately replied, "Nothing." And we'd just finished a whole study of the human heart. I thought he'd be so impressed! But I know that even though she doesn't realize it, the next time we talk about the human heart, she's already going to know things. Because they're always learning. And so am I.

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