Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeping the Mom Motivation


I have recently realized that I've been in a bit of a mom rut.  Keeping the motivation to get up every morning and keep doing all the things I'm supposed to, is sometimes just plain hard.  So, I've been thinking about things I can do to perk myself up, motivate myself, and keep things fresh.

1. Make a new schedule: If you like schedules, either make on, or rearrange the one you've got.  By doing things differently, it may make it more interesting, or help your day to flow a little better.  I tend to make a schedule, and then forget to update it.  By making a new one, I not only streamline my day, but I become more enthused about my day in general.

2. Organize a space for yourself: My house is never going to be totally orderly with six kids in the house.  But I can have some space that is.  For me, it's my bedroom.  Even though I share it with a husband and a baby, I try to keep it organized.  If it's not, I find I become discouraged about the whole house in general.  Maybe your space is somewhere else, but seeing it clean encourages you.  Wherever your space is, nurture it.

3. Let go: Especially in Minnesota, especially during the Winter, we have cabin fever.  Some days it is worth it to do the barest of housework and then head outside to play, or to the zoo, or to a friend's house.  Tackle things later, when you feel refreshed.

4. Talk to a friend: I have a couple of girlfriends who are awesome for encouraging me to get in there and work on things that need to be done, and commiserate when I'm frustrated.

5. Play some music:  I have a playlist just for housework.  It's all upbeat, and gets me moving.  It's hard not to be excited about life in general if you're listening to the right tunes.

6. Start small: If you're having trouble getting started, just pick one small thing that you'll feel good about if you get done, then do it.

7. Use a timer: If the time seems too much, set a timer.  Work on something for ten or fifteen minutes, then do something else.

8. Have a reward: Whether it's a book, a cup of tea, a movie you want to watch, or something else that's a treat for you, know that you're going to have it when you've done what you need to.

9. Blog: Sometimes putting it out there on a blog or in a journal helps get the discouragement out of the way.

10. Remember: What we do as moms is important.  Our kids are going to remember how we did what needed to be done, even when we didn't feel like it.  It's going to set an example for them about being responsible.  More than that, we're creating memories for them.  And I want my kids to remember me being happy to be with them, and content with the life we have together.

My home and my family is a gift.  And knowing that can sometimes be a motivation all on it's own.  So, what do you do to keep motivated?

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