Tuesday, February 09, 2010


It's one of those days. You know, the kind where you feel less like a mom and more like a referee. I think I need a whistle and a striped shirt. When the kids argue, I can blow the whistle, call a foul, and send someone to the time-out box.

While I'm trying to play referee, I'm also trying to get the baby to nap, get Ciaran ready for school, and today, hoping the snow plow can get unstuck from the bottom of our driveway. Really, you know the snow is bad when the snowplow gets stuck. We had to cancel Ciaran's speech and OT appointments since I couldn't get the car out of the garage with all of it.

After dinner, I got all the kids showered and ready for bed, and made them clean up the playroom. By 8 o'clock, I was more than ready for the first wave of bedtime. Of course even that wasn't easy since Bridget wanted to sleep with Piper and Piper wanted room to herself. My kids are starting to learn that they can't always get everything they want. And if they don't compromise, they may get none of what they want. I hope they get it soon.

This was most definitely not a day where I felt on top of things. My morning slipped away from me, by afternoon I was exhausted, and then in the evening my patience was shredded.

Some days I'm so thankful for a comfy bed and the promise that I'll get another chance tomorrow. I'm also grateful that my kids whole childhood experience isn't solely based on these kinds of days.

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