Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Getting through a day in my house is best accomplished when I can find a rhythm and move with it. Get up, shower, make breakfast, change kids, get kids dressed, do chores, do laundry, snacks, housework, lunch, naps, school, snacks, fun, prepare dinner, clean up dinner, play with kids, get kids bathed, get kids ready for bed, clean up playroom, put kids to bed, watch something on my computer while sneaking in a bit of knitting, read, lights out.

Easy day, huh? But sometimes I can't find the rhythm, and the movement of the day keeps knocking me over. Shopping taking too long, fevers,kids fighting, missing the bus when it brings Ciaran home and having to go pick him up at school, or any one of a hundred other things can totally mess up my day.

It's not that these things make the day bad. It's just that I lose my place in the dance, and I'm stepping on all the wrong beats, and the day steps on my foot and I have to hobble around and write run-on sentences to torture anyone who might still read my blog.

Can anyone tell I have 3 sick kids and feel a bit lost today? Dominic is working a different shift and I'm missing my weekly knitting night. I had no idea how much I really looked forward to those few hours.

On the plus side, Bridget has decided to sleep with me since she doesn't feel well, and she's curled up next to me asleep in bed right now, looking like an angel. I don't get to see my little girl sleeping so much anymore. It's kind of a treat.

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  1. Hey Muse Mama! Bruin here - found your comment on my blog so I came over to check your out!

    I LOVE it! I'm going to have to put some work into mine to be even remotely as interesting.

    I loved reading through your posts - I feel the same chaos, and I only have 3. You are awesome to do it all with 6 AND keep up your blogs to boot! Glad I found you, I look forward to following your journey!


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